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For the non-grommet lacing holes in upholstery fabric, I use very teeny-tiny
button holes.  Not much bigger than the cording I intend to pass through

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I am not pointing any fingers, but there are several people who I am
blaming.  They kept asking me what I was making for Investiture and then
said, Oh yea your blue dress.  Well we were at Hancock's today and I saw
one fabric and then another and then another...  I  was thrilled to find
these on sale and bought them all.  I have enough fabric for two full Tudor
dresses and another 3 petticoats to mix and match.  Boy am I going to be
spending tons of time sewing this fall.  Anyone with suggestions on bodices
and doing non gromet lacing holes in upholstery fabric?  I also need to
find a source for how to make Tudor sleves.

The discontinued upholstery fabric was up to 40% off, if anyone needs any
and they had a broad selection at the 31st and Garnett store.


who just thought she wasn't making any more garb soon

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