[Northkeep] A Thank you to you all

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sat Sep 8 17:39:35 PDT 2001

Greetings to the most wonderful Barony,

An enormous thank you to all those who helped to set up and tear down my
two pavillions.  Jim and Amanda Wallace for doing duty most all of the day
watching the A&S table.  As for the A&S table, thank you so to those who
brought things: Lady Jessamy and Lord Thorvald for bringing the tables and
cloths and the wonderful needlework; Master Beorthlic for the metalwork and
pictures; Erderick for his chain mail: Lord Lucan, Don Timothy and
Honorable Lady Theresa, Lord Ainar and anyone else I may have missed for
bringing things to set on the table.  Thank you to the new Cooking Guild
for bringing the delightful treats and to Dirglion for manning it so much
of the day.  It was so nice to be able to point people over in the
direction of the white pavillion and direct people by tablecloth colors.  I
will make sure to note this for the future as it really worked well.  Also,
a thank you to Lady Zahava for bringing her video camera to tape the 6
hours of the tourney and also to Stonie for helping.  ( a note of good news
here, he was just released by his Dr this last week, the pnumonia was
finally gone after over 2 months of treatment)  Also a thank you to our
friends from Eldern who came up to support us.  I have fliers for their
upcoming International Festival on September 29th and 30th.  For more info
on it contact Lord Miche'l at mg1m at swbell.net

To all of those who brought out thier crafts to demonstrate, I appreciate
it greatly.  Yet again, I am sorry if I miss anyone and or mess up on name
spelling or titles: I recognized a lady I hadn't seen in 10 years today,
but names are a challenge to me.  Thank you to Lady Toinette and Honorable
Lady Debroah for your time spinning, you are always destined to capture
peoples interest.  To our weavers; Lady Mercedes, Lady Elizabetta and Lady
Elfwyn, thank you so much for including so many of those who were there and
the Norse tent was delightful, also really good to give directions
by.  Master Beorthlic was delightful as usual and seemed to have the rapt
attention of all around while doing metal work.  Our musicians were also
wonderful, a special thank you to Lady Leonore for bringing down so many
instruments with her from Tahlequah.  She was so gracious in allowing
people to play them and our Vicar, Honorable Lord Robert Fitzmorgan,
composed a lovely tune while playing with the harp.  Thank you also for
Macreth (I haven't a clue of how to spell Gareth's persona's name) for
bringing your guitar and to those who played along, I in addition to these
I remember Galiwyn, Meryn and Kit playing there for some time.  I also
would like to say thank you to Lord Odo de Paynes and Lady Elizabeth Anne
De Raet for making the long drive up from Broken Bow and bringing so many
wonderful things to display, we thoroughly enjoyed your presence and are
happy that you are now in our numbers.  We look forward to getting to know
you all better.  Thank you also to Anne (can't remember persona name) for
sharing your wonderful artistic talent in capturing the mood of the day on
paper.  We look forward to seeing more of your work and should in the next

For all of those who so graciously wore the ribbons I had, thank you so
very much.  It was wonderful, all I had to do when greating each group of
people who wandered through was to assure them that these people had plenty
of time to talk to them and would be able to answer their questions or to
show them someone who could.  You all were wonderful and it worked
great.  Thanks.  As for the ribbons, just hold on to them and you may add
them to your garb when you go to populace and any other events we have
where you have the time to be able to help newcomers find their way, we may
be having alot of people following up after this at fighter practices and I
appreciate your help.  If anyone else wants one of these, I will try to
have more of them made by populace.  I would also appreciate more of the
info sheets from the populace, I have plenty, so when you see me go ahead
and get another if you lost the first one.  I have them packed with pens
now, so you can just fill it out quickly

Other points of note.  One of the visitors was so kind to interpret for me
when we had a few people who were interested and only spoke Spanish or just
a little English.  She said she would be happy to do this anytime we needed
also, which was quiet nice.  If any of you have any other language skills,
please indicate it on your form.  We also had visitors from Scotland,
Israel, Italy and Mexico.  Several of our recent additions to the Barony
were there early and helping to get set up; thank you so much for your
willingness to help.  A family, who currently lives in Italy and was in
town to visit family, were delighted to come after I told them about it and
brought the balloons and made ballon swords for the kids.  We put together
two professors at NSU and a student who are interested in getting something
going at Tahlequah, so I will soon have a request for you all to go to
Tahlequah for a demo.  That should be great, they are interested in setting
up a college and I will be checking on the procedure for that; if any of
you have any experience with that please contact me off list.  We have also
had generous offer to put together a photo album cronicaling our
activities, to have for demos.  I will be getting more details from her
soon and then get the info to you all.  If you can be making a list events
you have  pictures you have copies of that you would like to donate or can
scan and copy them, that would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me
off list with these.

I think I have just about covered everything, once again thank you all so
much.  This tourney followed so close upon my taking the office, that I am
just amazed at how well everything coordinated.  If there is anything else
anyone asked me to do and I don't get back to you in the next week, check
with me as with all the people I talked to it may have slipped my mind.  A
final note, thank you to Mongo, you definatly made that little girls day,
she just wanted to stand by you after you fought for her and won.

This is definatly the Dream,

the worn out and sleepy

lost and found, I have a chair and a handout on riddles that were left

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