[Northkeep] A Thank you to you all

Janece Suarez janece at somerled.net
Sat Sep 8 19:09:11 PDT 2001

> Greetings to the most wonderful Barony,

Machreth, the children and I would like to add our thank yous as well.
Susan, you did an excellent job, m'dear. Vivat! Everyone was wonderful
and even after so long an absence we again felt like we'd been welcomed
home. Our Caitlin was terribly concerned that Lucan win all of his
battles <G>, and Joshua loved chasing and playing and seeing everyone.
He carried a stick half the time and brandished it with glee, despite
his father telling him that he wasn't big enough yet to be a heavy
weapons fighter! The food was wonderful and I was awed (as usual) by the
talents and skills of so many of our members. I _know_ there were a few
people that we didn't find to wish safe travels to before we left, and
I'd like to apologize to everyone we missed saying goodbyes to. We had a
couple of terribly tired little ones on our hands and went home pretty

Again, you all are great. This was wonderful. Stonie Ray was so happy to
be able to help. He was dreadfully worried about Lady Zahava and her
standing for so long without rest. I was just as worried about him since
he hasn't built his strength back up yet after his illness. I suppose
the two of them could have stood over there and held each other up! <G>
He did come home and rest for awhile before dinner and is fine.

We all decided that we need Kitty to follow us around and help us
remember names though...


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