[Northkeep] airbed and other buys at Sams

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Sep 19 22:36:25 PDT 2001

A shopping notice for those who might be interested.  We were at Sam's
today and found that they have a queen sized air matress that has a battery
opperated blow up feature on it.  I know Catrin had been asking about these
awhile back.  We payed $35 for it.  We also got a pair of the new Coleman
folding chairs that are larger than the average and the carring bag is
actually larger than the chair and zips, it also has two straps so you can
wear it like a back pack. (incorporating almost all of the things that
irritated me about the earlier models) for $16.  The other thing we picked
up there recently was the set of cast iron cookware that came in it's own
crate for carting around, I think it too was about $35.  It included two
skillets, a dutch oven and a reversable griddle and tote type things for
all of these.  I loved the recipes that told me how many coals I needed to
put where and for how long to make things on a fire.  Miriam also recently
picked up a large white pavillion like I had at the Dionader and Ensign
Tourny, not sure if they still have more or not but they were just $200 and
are 20' X 10'.

I found these at the Sheridan and like 43rd store,


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