[Northkeep] Tonight's fighter practice

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Wed Sep 19 22:09:20 PDT 2001

I got off work late as well and only got to come by as everything was
breaking up.  Ian appeared to be all in one piece.  And, Rosamund and
I got to share some late Whataburger with Alton, Susan, Tristan,
Brandi, and Jason.  Will you be out Saturday?  I will and I'm sure
I'll get whacked a lot.


>Damn!  And I had to work until 9-ish tonight!  I miss all the fun!
>  > Ian is sponsoring a Smack the Seneschal event tonight. And will enjoy it
>  > many of you will come out and beat on him (remember he gets to hit back!)

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