[Northkeep] Garb

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Sep 7 08:15:39 PDT 2001

>don't you mean 21st and Garnett? : )

Yes, I would.  Thanks.  They really did have some exceptional pieces in
fairly large yardage.  I think they just recently pulled down the
discontinued patterns to make way for the new.  I was looking at one of
them today and think I have lost my mind as I was thinking that it would be
cool to do the pearls at the cross of the daimond pattern.  Ahhhh.  Oh,
other advice question.  Does it work best to do a corset under a bodice
like that, earlish Tutor, to reduce the amount of stress on the outer
garment?  Also, are the little bone ring eyelets sewn on the sides of the
back placket for lacing a good way to do it?  I have seen that and it
looked nice, Annabelle said she had gotten them at Micheals in either the
bead or leather section.

Thanks for all suggestions and help, now to stash it before my husband
realizes it is a recent addition to my fabric stash,


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