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Talana here,

I had written a reply, but the blankety-blank Hotmail ate it (it's been
doing that sort of thing way too much of late).  If my previous post shows
up, I apologize for the duplication.

Susan wrote:

>other advice question.  Does it work best to do a corset under a bodice
>like that, earlish Tutor, to reduce the amount of stress on the outer
>garment?  Also, are the little bone ring eyelets sewn on the sides of the
>back placket for lacing a good way to do it?  I have seen that and it
>looked nice, Annabelle said she had gotten them at Micheals in either the
>bead or leather section.

Yes, Tudor does work better with the proper underpinnings.  You cannot
achieve the correct silhouette without it.  For early Tudor, you do have the
option of boning the bodice instead, but if you make a corset, you only have
to set bones in once and wear it under several dresses.

I have patterns for both early and late Tudor gowns, if you need one.

Using bone rings for lacing will work, though sewn eyelets are less bulky
and are easier to document (for those who care about such things).  Also,
hand-sewn eyelets are easier than you thing, and put less strain on the

Do NOT use grommets, especially the little, one-piece type.  The raw edges
will chew your lacing string or ribbon, and they will eventually saw through
the fabric.  The two-piece grommets will detract from your fabric (they're
so large) and also will eventually pull out, unless your gown is made of
canvas, denim, or leather - the fabrics those grommets were designed to be
used on.  The two-piece grommets will work fine for lacing up a corset, if
you are making it of canvas, denim, or drill (an almost canvas-weight

For folks who are thinking about new outfits for Investiture, I am planning
on attending Needleworker's this coming Monday, and will bring my costume
books and tape measure.  I can help draft patterns and give advice on sewing
and fabric.

In servicio,


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