[Northkeep] Baronial polling

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Sat Sep 8 06:19:02 PDT 2001

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harbarth at swbell.net writes:

> If it would help, would it be possible to gather some of the ballots at
> this month's populace meeting? We could print them on the the appropriate
> colored paper and give each person an envelope to place and seal their
> ballot in. These could then be hand carried to Her Majesty at Wiesefeuer
> Baronial. What does everyone think?
> Thorvald

       I suggested to Her Majesty that if the polling had to be moved that we
collect ballots at populace meeting from those who couldn't attend
Wiesenfeuer Baronial and that I deliver them to her there.  For security
reasons she prefered that ballots be mailed to her individualy.
       I would guess that Their Majesties have left for Stargate Baronial and
that we won't get replies to these questions till they get back.


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