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Actually, there is precedent for observing an event in the mundane world for
which the dream offers no escape.  When the first air strikes of desert
storm were occurring, an event took place on the same site of guardian in
which Her Grace Duchess Willow raised cup to our men and women in contact.
I think that in times like this, we have to admit and lend grace to
observances that even in The Dream can we not fully escape the waking world
and that honor demands that we also show our public support for those in
peril or who have passed beyond the pale of this world.
Ld. Kieran o'Chonnacht

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It is not my intent to show any disrespect to the lives lost but I think
a moment of silence at the event might not be a good idea.  Now before
comes after me with torches and pitchforks let me explain...
    This blatent attack was not just meant to kill and destroy, it's purpose
was to strike terror into the heart of our way of life.  Every time we
how we live because of this terrible and cowardly and DISHONORABLE attack,
the terrorists win another victory over us.  We as a Society have always
opperated under keeping our SCA and mundane lives seperate.  As a general
written rule we don't bring mundane problems to the SCA, more so to an
 I think that changing that now can be seen as yet another victory for those
    GO to the event, have a good time, live the Ansterroan Dream, as you
normally would.  Stand defiant in the face of terror and don't allow this
attack to change any more of your life than absoulty nesscary.
    Course, this is my opion and it and a buck - fifty will get you a cup of
coffee. If you still wish to hold your moment of silence at the event, I
would bow my head out of respect for those lost and those of us who will
with this disaster forever.
    In service,
    Lucan Silverwolf
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