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Tamberlin tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 14 09:21:36 PDT 2001

I completely understand what you're saying & I'm sure
there are others who feel the same.  Personnally,
however, being a military kid & one of the many with
friends/family/coworkers who were directly affected,
I'm feeling the need for something with my SCA friends
& family.  You know the "we're here for each other
kind of thing, no matter what".  When it comes down to
it it's up to the Autocrats to deside if we're doing
anything & the individuals to decide if they're
joining in.  Weither we do anything or not, I
personally will not hold ANYTHING angainst anyone.
This is very personel & we don't know what's going on
inside each other.  I do hope that if I & those I camp
with feel a need to fly the American flag in our camp
this weekend that no one will take offence at the
mundane intrusion.  And of course this is only my


>     GO to the event, have a good time, live the
> Ansterroan Dream, as you
> normally would.  Stand defiant in the face of terror
> and don't allow this
> attack to change any more of your life than absoulty
> nesscary.
>     Course, this is my opion and it and a buck -
> fifty will get you a cup of
> coffee. If you still wish to hold your moment of
> silence at the event, I
> would bow my head out of respect for those lost and
> those of us who will
> live
> with this disaster forever.
>     In service,
>     Lucan Silverwolf

Could you keep it down I can't hear the voices in my head...

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