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Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 14 11:46:35 PDT 2001

Lord Lucan wrote:

>It is not my intent to show any disrespect to the lives lost but I think
>that a moment of silence at the event might not be a good idea.  Now before
>anyone comes after me with torches and pitchforks let me explain...
>     This blatent attack was not just meant to kill and destroy, it's
>purpose was to strike terror into the heart of our way of life.  Every time
>we change how we live because of this terrible and cowardly and
>DISHONORABLE attack, the terrorists win another victory over us.  We as a
>Society have always opperated under keeping our SCA and mundane lives
>seperate.  As a general non written rule we don't bring mundane problems to
>the SCA, more so to an event.
>  I think that changing that now can be seen as yet another victory for
>those cowards.

I bear neither torch (save as prayers for all affected) nor pitchfork (save
as it represents my righteous anger towards the criminals responsible).

Everyone must find his or her own way of dealing with their trauma and
grief.  For some, going forward with as little disruption as possible (the
"not giving the #@&*% the satisfaction" school) works best.  For others,
taking time out or time off to have a complete meltdown is what they need.
We are as individual as our DNA.

The moment of silence, as I see it, is not a disruption.  It is a time to
draw breath, to still a quickened heart, perhaps shed a tear, and to draw
resolution to proceed.  Think of it as the moment you spend psyching
yourself up before stepping on the list field or the battlefield.

Because yes, there are great challenges before us.  Not just the obvious
ones of what will happen to our country and the world, but also the more
immediate and personal challenge in how each of us will cope with our
feelings and move on with our lives.

For me, the moment of silence is merely the first step of the journey.

Don't give the #*&$@*s the satisfaction, Lucan.  Go forward.  I'll catch up
with you in a minute.


Celebrating that Dairmaid's sister and brother-in-law, who both work at the
Pentagon, are safe.  Deo gratis!

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