[Northkeep] This week's events and recognizing them at events.

Tamberlin tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 14 11:58:00 PDT 2001

I'd be all for that.  Perhaps in the feast hall but at
a predetermeined time when nothing else is going on
there?  That way anybody who wanted to wonder in
could...  Just a thought.


if we were all the same this would be a very boring

--- Marc Carlson <marc-carlson at utulsa.edu> wrote:
> Now, if there were a way of demonstrating that we
> are hurting and upset that was not predicated
> upon the assumptions that we all hurt the same, and
> express that the same way, and was voluntary
> (and I'm including simple (small p) peer pressure in
> that) -- I'd support that whole heartedly.
> Marc/Diarmaid

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