[Northkeep] U-Hauls

Lady Julienne de Lion ladyjulienne at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 21 15:02:35 PDT 2001

sure makes me wish i had 6 grand :)

vivat ansteorra,
lady julienne de lion
margrave/vormund VII event stewart
winter at lakewebs.net
canton of rundel reeve

>Mine is out of town, so I stopped and checked.
>There are four of them, from 1988-1990.  They are Ford E350's and are
>Diesel.  They have an average of 150,000 miles.  The price range is from
>For more info call Robert Gates, General Manager
>at 918-836-0116
>this store is at 1010 S Memorial, the NW corner of Memorial and 11th St.
>Hope this is of some use to someone,
>who wishes she could have one

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