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Sat Aug 17 00:53:13 PDT 2002

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Greetings good gentles of North Keep

It brings me great pride to announce that explorer post 650 is once again
alive and we are recruiting new members ages 14 -20 both male and female

In this incarnation we are not an explorer post as the rules have changed we
are a venture crew
venture crews get a lot more support from the scout office than posts do and
they are focused on things like living history, arts and crafts, and high
venture crews also promote traditional boy scout values and skills.

I will be the crew adviser (former asst. adviser)
assistant crew advisers will be Lady Gabriel (former post member), Lord Igore
(former asst. adviser ), Finton O' Quigg (former post helper, and Toriea
(former post helper)

We will be focusing on the middle ages between 650 ad-1660 ad. All manner of
arts sciences and marshal arts as well as learning leadership, scout skills,
survival, and many other things. we will be doing something's outside of the
SCA. but mostly we will be attending events and SCA functions
we must recruit at least 5 young adults to get our charter from the boy
we have our asst. adviser positions filled but we could always use more adult

we will be implementing a mentor program, where the scouts ask adults in the
SCA outside of the crew to be their mentor and teach them their areas of
expertise if any one would like to volunteer to be a mentor please let me

Any young adults or mentors who would like to be involved in Venture Crew 650
please contact me for more information.
OttokarLuther at aol.com
(918)-336-7984  (Bartlesville phone #)

   Ottokar Luther Von Holestine
Baronial Guardsman,  Adviser Crew 650

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