[Northkeep] losing the load

Lynne Dawson martadormani at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 17 07:09:21 PDT 2002

Thank you Marc/Darmaid for doing you job as moderator
of the list. I really appreciate all that you do to
keep the list functioning and used for the purposes it
was intended for, and I fully support your decision in
this matter.

I am appalled at the lack of respect shown to our
Baron and his REQUEST to not post inappropriate jokes
on the list. In this GAME YOU ARE NOT PLAYING IN THE
CURRENT AGES, and you need to remember that. I'm not
as much of a history buff as some of you, but to my
knowledge freedom of speech was not invented until the
United States of America became a nation.

In the future if our Baron or Baroness makes a
request, I expect it to be honored whether or not you
like it! For those of you who have a problem with
this, you need to re-evaluate why you play this game!

Lady Marta Dormani

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