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Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 20 09:46:20 PDT 2002

A couple of thoughts.  I'm pretty sure that MP3s don't play on regular CD
players as a rule.   I know none of mine do.

With the copyright issues, finding MP3 literature on line may be tricky.
There are some other options with long car trips, like the way -we- do it --
reading aloud [although admittedly, I'm lousy at reading aloud.  It's about
the only place I haven't worked out how to get around my being dyslexic].

Actually, long car trips can be a really good way to get around all those
things that your Persona should have read or heard, but you don't want to.
For example, for most Personae, they ought to have a familiarity with the
Bible - but most people don't take the time to read it - even as just a book
of stuff they should have heard about.  If you don't understand even the
basic Biblical stories (I don't care if you believe in them or not), you are
virtually certain to not understand things like Dante's work, much less more
esoteric things like "The Name of the Rose".

Some years ago I wound up having to hand input massive amounts of barcoded
information - which took just enough concentration that I had to pay
attention to what I was doing, but not enough to actually THINK - so I wound
up getting bored silly.  I decided to try the books on tape thing, and
started on "all those books I'd never read on my own". Definately worth the
time (for the record, Dickens really IS boring, and the Wrath of Khan leans
far more heavily on Moby Dick than you might assume...).

Some suggestions:

Dante, La Vita Nuova:
"In that part of the book of my memory before which little can be read,
there is a heading, which says: ‘Incipit vita nova: Here begins the new
life’. Under that heading I find written the words that it is my intention
to copy into this little book: and if not all, at least their essence."

Petrarch, The Ascent of Mount Ventoux:
"Today I made the ascent of the highest mountain in this region, which is
not improperly called Ventosum. My only motive was the wish to see what so
great an elevation had to offer. I have had the expedition in mind for many
years; for, as you know, I have lived in this region from infancy, having
been cast here by that fate which determines the affairs of men.
Consequently the mountain, which is visible from a great distance, was ever
before my eyes, and I conceived the plan of some time doing what I have at
last accomplished to-day."

The letters of Abelard and Heloise
Maimonides, the Guide of the Perplexed
The Mabinogion
Those Saga thingies.
The Paston letters
And many many more...

And so on

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