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Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 20 11:27:31 PDT 2002

>From: Keith Duke <KDUKE at fwmurphy.com>
>I would enjoy any disagreement you would care to make... Shall we say
>respectful keyboarding at dawn, sir? <<LOL>>

Only if we can skip the SCA rules for it.  I have trouble remembering what
key is what after I put on all that duct tape.

>>>happiness etc. ad nauseum, are the sorts of things that *modern day*
>>>Americans have fought and died for. They are *not*, generally
>>>speaking, the sorts of things that our *personas* typically did much
>>>for/with/about... (A debatable point I agree, and one which I think would
>>>make a fascinating conversation either here or in person...)
>>Count me in.
>OK - Sounds like an amusing discussion. Which side do you want?

*Diarmaid* would happily take the "of course we have those things - how
silly of you to think otherwise" part...

>I appreciate the distinction. I meant that the list was freely >available
>to the public. I'm not enough of a constitutional scholar to grasp the
>finer points of the rest of the argument.

Think of it as 16th Century European Theology.  There are the Elect (the
people who are actually able to post freely to the list and get it in their
email).  Then there are all those poor people who may well be lovely and
friendly and decent people, but are all going to The Bad Place just because
they aren't the Elect.

>Hmmmmm... And while I have seen the phenomenon you describe (the horrible
> >vicious attack under cover of a smile), there are equally fun ways to
>deal with people who engage in *that* behavior, well short of
> >disemboweling them with a garden rake.
>Although that *is* my favorite method.

I have trouble imagining anything as fun as diembowlment with a garden rake
(this would be the wide floopy kind, right?) unless it's that thing that is
so distressing to most people that I'd have to just unsub myself for having
described it...


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