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Derek Wilson dwilson at dollar.com
Thu Aug 29 07:01:48 PDT 2002

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Greetings this just showed up on the Northern Regional Archery Marshals

We start with two archers on the line at a time. The line does not move, so
there is no worry about safe movement that would require a combat archery
scenario. For this shoot, I've added the additional difficulty of shooting
at your "opponent" through a castle window. (PVC frame, heavy carpet wall,
8inch by 24 inch opening) This takes away the possibility of leg shots, so
almost any shot that passes through the window should be a "kill". The wall
will be set approximately 3 - 5 yards in front of the targets, and the
firing line will be at an indeterminate distance (25 - 30 yards) from the

I have two formats that I've used with this sort of shoot in the past. The
first, each archer takes the line and at the marshal's mark, may nock and
fire. The first to get a "killing" shot wins. This requires observers with
binox or spyglasses, list mistressing, and can make a nuisance of itself
with regard to time at the range.

The other format, which I've decided to use, is a 30 second speed round,
with the archer firing the greatest number of "killing" shots advancing to
the next round. This cuts down on time spent for each archer, and still
gives everyone a fair field.

There are, of course, any number of variations on this sort of shoot. The
real "kicker" with the one I'm running Saturday is the wall. Realistically
speaking, the shoot becomes a simple wand shoot, since the targets are
directly behind the window. Psychologically speaking, it becomes much larger
than it is. (i.e.; Have to shoot through something before I get to the
target, etc.)

I hope this answers everyone's questions.

Clear skies,

Ld. Ivar Brokksen
Wiesenfeuer, Deputy Archery Marshal

Derek Wilson
Server Support
Dollar Rent A Car Systems Inc.

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