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Your Excellency,

Being not one of renown carpentry skill I will defer to the judgments of
others as to the project but will offer my help and tools (might even be
able to acquire a nail gun)

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Ok folks here is the list of projects that are needed with the Ansteorran
Gate for Gulf Wars. Look things over and give me some suggestions on what we
might like to do.

> Here ya go,
> Fritz
> The Time to begin the Construction of the Great Gate of Ansteorra is
> The King has declared that a Mighty Gate shall be built in the lands of
> Meridies, on the battlefields of the great Gulf Wars.  A Gate that will
> guard the camps of the Ansteorran Army when next and forever hence we ride
> into battle against the Trimarans and their allies.  A Gate that will be a
> symbol of the might, strength and pride that is Ansteorra.  The King has
> declared it shall be built, and so it shall be!  Now is the time for all
> skilled carpenters, blacksmiths and strong laborers to come to the service
> of our Sovereign and make this dream a reality!  On to Gulf Wars!
> It is necessary that this enormous undertaking be broken down into several
> large Projects, each to be accomplished by a skilled crew from various
> regions in our Kingdom.  This Gate is to be the work of our entire
> not just one, or even a few people.  Each group is asked to recruit your
> best craftsmen in the construction skills, form a crew and take on one of
> the Projects described below.  It is necessary that the leader of each
> be skilled in the tasks your group volunteers for, and that the other
> crewmembers have a good working knowledge of the tasks required.  The
> structural integrity of our Gate is of the utmost importance.
> Each group will be responsible for purchasing and picking up the needed
> materials (to be reimbursed upon presentation of valid receipts),
> their own tools, building their Project and possibly of transporting their
> completed Project to Steppes for final assembly.  Detailed scaled plans
> elevations will be provided to you, and supervisors will be available to
> come to you to help get you started.  Assistance by telephone will always
> available.  DEADLINE for completion of your group's Project is Christmas
> 2002.
> Further, it will be necessary for a crew of six to eight skilled
> construction workers and strong laborers, plus one or two plucky persons
> serve as camp chatelaines, to travel to Meridies early in the year of 2003
> to prepare the ground and erect the Gate. This will be heavy labor.  Two
> separate weekend trips will be required. Gas and food will be provided.
> prepared to camp in the cold and wet.
> Please disseminate this information to your group and help recruit the
> talent needed to make this Gate a strong, beautiful reality.  If you have
> any questions, please contact Master Fritz der Rothirsch at
> rhemail at swbell.net, or 214-821-1223 (before 9 pm).
> The various Projects are as follows:
> 1. Tower Construction:( Stargate )
> Two towers, octagonal and 7' diameter x 16' high.  To be built in 8'
> sections.  Wood framing and construction.
>     SKILLS:  Basic home construction carpentry (i.e. wall framing).
>     TOOLS:  Table saw, chop saw, pneumatic framing nailer (ideal).
>      CREW:  six people, 3 days.
> 2. Crenellations:
> Two Crenellations, octagonal, app. 9' diameter each.  Built in sections.
> Wood framing.
>      SKILLS:  Cabinetmaker/carpenter
>      TOOLS:  Jigsaw, circular saw, pneumatic nail gun (ideal).
>      CREW:  four people, 2 days
> 3.  Door Arch:
> One span, 12' long x 2' wide. Metal framing and wood facing, banded top
> bottom in steel.
>      SKILLS:  Framing carpentry, metalworking/welding.
>      TOOLS:  jigsaw, circular saw, oxy/acetylene rig, mig welder, 4" angle
> grinder
>      CREW: 4 people, 3 days
> 4.  Doors:
> Two doors, 6' wide x 12' high each, shaped to form a center arch.
> up 2-by and plywood construction, cut to shape.  Steel banding.
>      SKILLS:  basic carpentry, metalworking/welding
>      TOOLS:  jigsaw, circular saw, oxy/acetylene rig, mig welder, 4" angle
> grinder
>      CREW:  4 people, 2 days
> 5.  Tower Bases:
> Two bases, 7' diameter.  2 x 10 framing, to be set on piers.
>      SKILLS:  Carpentry (i.e. joist framing)
>      TOOLS:  circular saw, heavy-duty drill/screw gun
>      CREW:  2 people, 2 days
> 6.  Tower "Skins"  (Bryn Gwlad )
> To cover both towers, provide a look of stone construction.  Built of
> prefabricated textured sheet metal and plywood.  The group that does this
> oject needs to be geographically near the group that builds tower framing
> (#1 above).
>      SKILLS: light metal working, basic carpentry
>      TOOLS: circular saw, tin snips
>      CREW: 2 people, 2 days
> 7.  Tower Storage Doors:
> Two wooden doors to be set in back side of towers.  Will provide storage
> access inside towers.  2' wide x 6' tall each.
>     SKILLS: Basic carpentry
>      TOOLS:  circular saw, jigsaw
>      CREW:  2 people, 1 day
> 8. Tower edging
> Strips of material will need to be cut into the outline of bricks using
> either a jig saw or
> router and template (preferred method).
> SKILLS: basic cutting or routing
> TOOLS: jigsaw or router capable of accepting collars
> CREW: 2 people, 1 day
> Construction of the Ansteorran Gate will be made more efficient with the
> of some highly specialized tools and skilled craftsmen to take on the
> following Special Projects:
> *Need someone with access to a sheet metal shear and 2 1/2 ' capacity
> metal brake.  See #6 above.
> *Also need someone with access to heavy-duty sheet metal brake to bend 8'
> lengths of 14-gauge steel into U-shape.
> *Need a professional, highly skilled welder and assistant to weld frame
> doors and archway.
> *Need a good blacksmith to produce 175 rivets, 6" long made of 3/8" mild
> steel.
> *Need a highly skilled blacksmith to produce 4 small hinges, 2 lock
> mechanisms and 2 door handles for small storage doors on backs of towers.
> In service,
> Master Fritz der Rothirsch
> Baron of the Steppes
> Gate Architect
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> Hi Ascelyn!
> Thanks for responding! Well Fritz published the list of tasks a week or so
> ago and wouldn't you know I didn't keep a copy of it.
> Hey Fritz, can you please re-publish that list of gate tasks? (Minus the
> towers and the skins :-)
> Pendaran
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> > We have had to wait for any discussion until our officer's meeting which
> is
> > tomorrow night.  What part of the gate would you like us to do?  Please
> give
> > us a couple of options.
> > Ascelyn
> >
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