[Northkeep] Joke/Losing the load

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Fri Aug 16 17:41:11 PDT 2002

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> My 2 cents,
> Jessamy

I share your thoughts, Jessamy. Geez, Diarmaid, looks like some of those
unsubstantiated and unkind epithets you were tossing my way so "cavalierly"
of late,  need to come home to roost. What happened to the "we need to be
understanding and compassionate" banner you were carrying so recently?
I agree with our Baron, we need to be sensitive to the fact that we have a
broad spectrum of ages and personal tastes on our list, and should watch what
we post. However, considering the number of "Yackky Doodles" we have on the
list who fill up the postings with so much back and forth bla-bla,  a joke
here and there would usually be a welcome change.

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