[Northkeep] Joke/Losing the load

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 16 20:21:51 PDT 2002

Ok, this is pretty much all I have to say about this topic.

If a random person posts something that is offensive to others, I'm willing
to ignore it.  If someone posts something that is offensive to others, and
those others complain, I will ask that person to desist (as I did in this
case).  If they continue to do so, they are out of here.  If it were up to
me, I really don't care if people want to present themselves in offensive or
annoying fashions.  If I'm offended by someone, I will tell them, or failing
that, I will filter them so I don't have to read their material.  There are
even one or two people on this group who I have filtered since they've
proven to me that it's no longer worth my efforts to have any interaction
with them.

But it's not up to me; this is my -job-.  As has been discussed in the past,
this is NOT a public list.  It is a list for and about the Barony as a
whole.  When I get complaints about a member's posting (and I have received
a number of them, as well as thanks from other members for taking action),
it tells me the Barony is unhappy about it.  This is in part, I suspect, due
to the fact that children read this list.

Now, you will notice that I *didn't* unsubscribe you when you signed the
list up to a spam site, although I did indicate my unhappiness about it.
This is because I was able to block that spam before too many people

If you disagree with my actions, you are free to take it up with my
superiors in this job.  These are a) Marta, b) Ainar and Mercedes, and c)
Jean-Paul (the last time I checked).  All of these people are on this list,
so contacting them shouldn't be a huge amount of trouble for you.  These are
also the people you should mention it to if you are offended by anything *I*
happen to write here.

In short, if you have to offend people, I don't care.  What I care about is
that people don't complain about what you post.  If they do, I'll warn you.
I'll even be happy to discuss it with you if you bother to answer my private
mail, which this person didn't.  If you continue to do it, I will
unsubscribe you, and block you from posting.

Now, if you really feel that there is some need for a Northkeep-jokes list,
you can join the other people who have set up private mail lists.  I'll even
be willing to help you do so, and even to let you advertise the existance of
such a list here.


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