[Northkeep] Joke/Losing the load

Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Sat Aug 17 08:45:02 PDT 2002

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OAN, I agree with what Dharmaid did.  What your SIL did was the equivalent of
walking in to a  room of people, yelling out a joke, and then walking out.  She
then walked in again and told another joke and then walked out.  That's not
being a contributing member of an community.  That's one step away from
spamming.  When she was asked to stop, she didn't.

Jean Paul

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> It's not the jokes.  I could care less about getting or reading the jokes.
> It's the censorship I object to without offering something else.

Maybe we could have ask this person to send her joke as an attachment and then
we choose not to we don't have to open them.  Which is what I choose to do with
most of her post.  BTW she is my sister-in-law.  But we don't usually see eye to
eye on things.

By unsubscribing her she is now cut off from a lot of what is going on in our
Barony.  She has not played in a couple of years and is planning on being at
Weisenfieur Baronial.  I am sure her post were not to offend but to bring a
to someone.  Do we not have a right to this humor if we choose to open it.

Yes we are the middle ages and governed by a King, but even a King cannot set my
morals or yours.

If you will remember right there were no e-mail in that time frame.

 I think there should be a middle where we can all get along and live peacefully
with each other.  Not just be black or white.  Censorship is wrong even in the
middle ages.


OttokarLuther at aol.com wrote:

> >
> I feel very strongly about freedom of expression also it is a core ideal of
> America. But last time I checked (correct me if im wrong) this list belongs
> to the Barony of North Keep, Kingdom of Ansteorra. In Ansteorra we choose to
> be ruled by nobility as they were in the times we recreate and if we choose
> to ignore the rullings/requests of the nobility than perhaps we should all go
> play an American Revolution reenactment
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