[Northkeep] Joke/Losing the load

Jerry & Teresa Herring herring at upperspace.net
Sat Aug 17 14:16:19 PDT 2002

Come one people!

This is a private email list hosted for a small community. The people in
charge have said what was done was right and you still argue. You don't have
to like the decision but if you don't have the honor to respect the game and
play by the rules at least have enough respect for the rest of the community
on the list to take your issue private with the parties involved. If you can
not work it out amongst yourselves then go up the chain of command, Local
Seneschal, Regional officer, Kingdom officer, etc.

Think long and hard about this? Is this thread really this important? Is it
so necessary to keep fighting over the same issues again and again?  Cause
from experience I can tell you that you are not going to get anywhere with
it on this list. The people of Northkeep have seen what fighting the SCA
system gets you.

 The administration has spoken and they were following the rules. No matter
how right or wrong you think they were the rules support them and their
decision. This is a game they played by the rules and it is done. You have
heard the decisions of those in charge. If you don't like the results follow
the rules, take it up the chain of command, the rules say you can do that.
Voicing your opinions over and over again on this list, however nicely you
do it will not help in this situation. Trust me the only thing your repeated
voicing of opinions is going to do is give people a bad opinion of you.
Unfortunately the game is not played the way a lot of us would like but it
is the only game in town and as such we have to follow its rules. If you
want to try and change the rules then  follow the correct processes and seek
a higher ranking administrator. you have heard from the local and the
regional so that leaves the Kingdom.

If you don't want to pursue the issue in an official stance then please take
your comments and opinions privately so the rest of us can get back to
enjoying the list rather than spend time deleting emails.

I do have a suggestion that is less official and a little nicer. If every
one involved would like to consider it...maybe a nice apology on the part of
all the parties involved and then allowing the offending party back on to
the list...under probation... You could even expressly say that if they post
any more questionable or offensive jokes to the list it will result in a
reinstatement of the removal.

Thanks for listening...I hope you all have a good day!
Laird Ian Dun Gillan

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