[Northkeep] Joke/Losing the load

Sat Aug 17 10:45:52 PDT 2002

ok, everyone keeps going on about how this girl should have dropped to a
curtsy and said yes milord .
as soon as  the baron " requested " something of her .( this in its self is
offensive behavior to many people )
( was this " request" made as a person ???  or did he say "as baron i would
like "... ) not knowing the circumstances ,it leaves open a whole can of
worms ,better discussed off list .
anyway, what makes one person smile , may make another frown . THAT'S LIFE
and trying to protect teens and slow adults from life is why so many of them
are in jail right now.
sorry , we cant all be gray clones , thinking /acting/looking alike.
the point is we PLAY at the middle ages .
i don't see ANYONE giving up their cars,vaccinations,living conditions, or
RIGHTS. to live this dream.
i saw where honor and chivalry were mentioned .
i'm sorry , but that view wont fly. ( if it did the laurel and belted
circles would all make nice and never argue )
honor and chivalry have nothing to do with wanting to make everyone happy .
true the politically correct make more noise .
but do even they wish to teach their children " don't do ANYTHING, you
MIGHT upset someone ?? "

now to the present .
technically marc did his job as sysop.
however ,
if he was going to block this girl from the list he should have sent her a
notice privately.
informing her of that fact .and then done it .
and not posted it to the list for everyone to see.
( for the same reason that she was being blocked for )

i can't see where it's ok to block her for telling a joke that might
embarrass a blond.
then trying to embarrass her  .
( knowing marc , i don't think he intentionally tried to embarrass her .)
however the effect was still the same.


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