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Man that sucks. Sorry! Hope you find that dream job!

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> Hi All,
> Just a quick note to say that I was laid off today.  Don't worry about us.
> We've got a severance package and we've been saving our pennies in
> anticipation.  It may accelerate our plans to move.  We'll be going to
> this weekend.  Current pans see us moving sometime between March and
> although if I get the job of my dreams, I'd move tomorrow.
> We are going to continue to host our rapier practice until we leave.  It
> costs me nothing to give the time, and the rewards I get in return are
> without measure.
> At the point that it becomes necessary, I will entrust the regalia and
> duties of the Northkeep Rapier Champion to the White Scarf who sponsored
> into the circle.  I can think of no better person to defend the honor of
> Excellency and the barony as a whole than Don Timothy Lacorbusie.
> My friends, we can't control the world but we can still react with style.
> Love you guys,
> Puck
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