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Tamberlin tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com
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WooHoo!!! About time!!

aka Cunovinda, for those who may not know ;)

--- Kathy Herndon <northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org>
> A few updates that I am aware of concerning heraldic
> submissions from
> Northkeep, hot off the presses as it were.
> Rosamund
> >>>
> Angus MacNokard's Device Resubmission is almost
> through kingdom.
> Final commentary is scheduled for this month.
> Vigge Jonsson's Device is almost through kingdom.
> Final commentary
> is scheduled for this month.
> Some items registered at society (final "it's done"
> registrations)
> from September (just got the letter).  Comments
> after the items
> listed are direct quotes from the Laurel King of
> Arms Letter.
> Acceptances:
> Bianca Sereni. Name (see RETURNS for device).
> Submitted as Biànca Seréni, the accents used in De
> Felice are
> pronunciation guides and are not part of the name.
> (Bianca is in
> Namron but registered her submissions through
> Northkeep before she
> really got active in Namron.)
> Cunovinda ingen Choinnich. Device. Azure, on a plate
> a dragon passant
> coward azure all within an orle argent.  (For those
> who don't know,
> this is Tamberlin's registered name.)
> Faolan Mac Parthalain. Name and device. Azure, a
> dragonfly and in
> chief in saltire a threaded needle and a rapier
> inverted argent.
> Submitted as Faolan MacFarland, the submitter
> requested authenticity
> for 15th C "Scottish/Irish" and allowed any changes.
> This name
> combines the Gaelic Faolan with MacFarland, which is
> Anglicized Irish
> or Scots (a language closely related to English). In
> period, this
> name would have been recorded completely in Gaelic
> or completely in
> Anglicized Irish or Scots depending upon the
> language used for the
> document in which the name is recorded. Ó Corráin &
> Maguire (p. 92
> s.n. Fáelán) gives Faolán as the Early Modern Irish
> Gaelic (c. 1200
> to c. 1700) form of this name. Tangwystyl verch
> Morgant Glasvryn's
> article "Names and Naming Practices in the Red Book
> of Ormond
> (Ireland 14th Century)"
> lists ffolan and ffoulin as Anglicized Irish forms
> (or possibly
> Latinized) forms of Faolan. Woulfe (p. 399) lists
> the header Mac
> Parthaláin, which is a Gaelic form of MacFarland. So
> Faolán Mac
> Parthaláin is a completely Gaelic form of this name.
> Since accents in
> Gaelic need to be used or omitted consistently,
> Faolan Mac Parthalain
> is also a completely Gaelic form of this name.
> ffolan MacFarland and
> ffoulin MacFarland would be fully Anglicized Irish
> forms of this
> name. Since, of the options found, the form Faolan
> Mac Parthalain
> only changes the form of the byname, we have
> complied with the
> submitter's request for authenticity by changing
> this element.
> Returns:
> Bianca Sereni. Device. Argent, three crosses of
> Cerdaña sable between
> a chief and a base azure.
> This armory is visually equivalent to Azure, a fess
> argent charged
> with three crosses of Cerdaña two and one sable. It
> therefore
> conflicts with a number of pieces of armory
> protected by the SCA,
> including the flag of Honduras (important non-SCA
> flag), Azure, on a
> fess argent five mullets in saltire azure, and
> Aithine nic Merril,
> Azure, upon a fess argent, a mole's paw print sable.
> In each case
> there is only one CD for the cumulative changes to
> the group of
> charges on the fess.
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