[Northkeep] Some submission updates...

Kathy Herndon northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org
Sat Dec 21 07:56:27 PST 2002

A few updates that I am aware of concerning heraldic submissions from
Northkeep, hot off the presses as it were.


Angus MacNokard's Device Resubmission is almost through kingdom.
Final commentary is scheduled for this month.
Vigge Jonsson's Device is almost through kingdom.  Final commentary
is scheduled for this month.

Some items registered at society (final "it's done" registrations)
from September (just got the letter).  Comments after the items
listed are direct quotes from the Laurel King of Arms Letter.

Bianca Sereni. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Submitted as Biànca Seréni, the accents used in De Felice are
pronunciation guides and are not part of the name.  (Bianca is in
Namron but registered her submissions through Northkeep before she
really got active in Namron.)

Cunovinda ingen Choinnich. Device. Azure, on a plate a dragon passant
coward azure all within an orle argent.  (For those who don't know,
this is Tamberlin's registered name.)

Faolan Mac Parthalain. Name and device. Azure, a dragonfly and in
chief in saltire a threaded needle and a rapier inverted argent.
Submitted as Faolan MacFarland, the submitter requested authenticity
for 15th C "Scottish/Irish" and allowed any changes. This name
combines the Gaelic Faolan with MacFarland, which is Anglicized Irish
or Scots (a language closely related to English). In period, this
name would have been recorded completely in Gaelic or completely in
Anglicized Irish or Scots depending upon the language used for the
document in which the name is recorded. Ó Corráin & Maguire (p. 92
s.n. Fáelán) gives Faolán as the Early Modern Irish Gaelic (c. 1200
to c. 1700) form of this name. Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn's
article "Names and Naming Practices in the Red Book of Ormond
(Ireland 14th Century)"
lists ffolan and ffoulin as Anglicized Irish forms (or possibly
Latinized) forms of Faolan. Woulfe (p. 399) lists the header Mac
Parthaláin, which is a Gaelic form of MacFarland. So Faolán Mac
Parthaláin is a completely Gaelic form of this name. Since accents in
Gaelic need to be used or omitted consistently, Faolan Mac Parthalain
is also a completely Gaelic form of this name. ffolan MacFarland and
ffoulin MacFarland would be fully Anglicized Irish forms of this
name. Since, of the options found, the form Faolan Mac Parthalain
only changes the form of the byname, we have complied with the
submitter's request for authenticity by changing this element.

Bianca Sereni. Device. Argent, three crosses of Cerdaña sable between
a chief and a base azure.
This armory is visually equivalent to Azure, a fess argent charged
with three crosses of Cerdaña two and one sable. It therefore
conflicts with a number of pieces of armory protected by the SCA,
including the flag of Honduras (important non-SCA flag), Azure, on a
fess argent five mullets in saltire azure, and Aithine nic Merril,
Azure, upon a fess argent, a mole's paw print sable. In each case
there is only one CD for the cumulative changes to the group of
charges on the fess.

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