[Northkeep] Enjoyed the Get-Together

KTMC- AM 14 & KTMC-FM ROCK 105.1 ktmc at icok.net
Fri Jul 5 16:57:28 PDT 2002

   Seconding Marcus in the thanks to Ainar and Mercedes for having the
get-together yesterday. I met some additional people (keep meeting
people and I may someday cease being the longest newbie in the Kingdom
:) and heard some interesting stories, and learned some about the past
of the Kingdom as well
   On the down side, after all the care Doarmaid had to get me the copy
of the fishing article, and carrying it around during the afternoon, I
left it in the house when I went in before leaving. Would someone please
hang on to it for me, and I will try to pick it up before the paper
ceases to contain histoy and the paper itself becomes a historical
   Well, come to think of it, I didn't meet ant cold and abusive Ladies
while I was up there either..but could that just be because all of the
Ladies of Northkeep are so nice?

   Have a great weekend!

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