[Northkeep] Enjoyed the Get-Together

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Fri Jul 5 19:28:14 PDT 2002

We have the article Valstarr and actually plan on mailing it to you.  Can
you send me your mailing address off list?
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> Greetings!
>    Seconding Marcus in the thanks to Ainar and Mercedes for having the
> get-together yesterday. I met some additional people (keep meeting
> people and I may someday cease being the longest newbie in the Kingdom
> :) and heard some interesting stories, and learned some about the past
> of the Kingdom as well
>    On the down side, after all the care Doarmaid had to get me the copy
> of the fishing article, and carrying it around during the afternoon, I
> left it in the house when I went in before leaving. Would someone please
> hang on to it for me, and I will try to pick it up before the paper
> ceases to contain histoy and the paper itself becomes a historical
> artifact!
>    Well, come to think of it, I didn't meet ant cold and abusive Ladies
> while I was up there either..but could that just be because all of the
> Ladies of Northkeep are so nice?
>    Have a great weekend!
>    Valstarr
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