[Northkeep] Rundal equip.

Terry Wasson hatur2000 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 19 05:12:14 PDT 2002

   Greeting unto the Canton of Rundal.
This is Hatur of Middleguard,and many seasons ago I was an active member of
you community.
During my stay at the Canton I was intrusted with some property of Rundal.
  Some of this property is still in my care.
I will take an inventory of said property and let you know what is in my
  Note at one time some folks of Rundal did come and get
some of the items.
  So please contact me (Rundal Senchal, Reeve).
Also would the KnightMarshale Contact me.
  Hatur2000@ hotmail.com or Hatur2000 at brightok.net

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