[Northkeep] Our first Archery Practice

Derek Wilson dwilson at dollar.com
Fri Jul 19 07:58:02 PDT 2002

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Well Archery is officially back in Northkeep again! Our first practice was a
sound success. We had 5-6 children shooting, and 8-9 adults shooting. Only 2
arrows were given to the God of the Missing Arrows a religion of which I am
VERY familiar (but not last night). I would like to thank Ottokar and his
crew for bringing the KAS Round and doing the throwing thing besides his
crew of 3 I believe we had one other thrower.

So those who missed it. Next practice for Archery will be Sunday at 6:30 pm
until o'dark thirty. Next practice with the KAS and Archery will be Next

Thanks again Dirgelion and Ottar for allowing us this invasion!

 Many thanks to Dirgelion and Ottar for allowing us to invade their

Derek Wilson
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