[Northkeep] Rules Update for Armoured Combat

Alton lePeto altonscompany at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 24 11:27:24 PDT 2002

Greetings from the Knight Marshal,

Our Kingdom Earl Marshal, Sir Randall der Krieger has changed some the
guidlines and rules on the following items:


If using a basket-hilted weapon, a half-guantlet will now be required, using
a minimum of heavy leather or equivalent.  The cuff should meet or over lap
the edge of the vambrace when the hand is in normal position.  There should
be no gapping in between.  Compliance is expected by November Crown

Thrusting Tips

All thrusting tips will be red.  There will be no more contrasting colors.
The edges of a sword may still be taped in red.


Please take steps to update your armour and weapons for these standards.

Begining 7/24/02, Fighters will be asked to show your Membership Card, the
Blue Card, at Fighter Practices.  This is for liability reasons only.  If
you do not have a membership card, there will be appropriate waivers
available at fighter practice for you to sign.  For future reference,
remember to take your Membership Card (and Authorization Card) to fighting

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact me,
Alton, at altonscompany at hotmail.com, or the Northern Regional Knight
Marshal, Jean Paul de Sens at cchipman at nomadics.com

Thank you,
(email) Altonscompany at hotmail.com
(webpage) http://altonscompany.homestead.com

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