[Northkeep] Cherokee Opportunity

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Jul 24 12:07:58 PDT 2002

I was in Tahlequah yesterday and found out an interesting
fact.  http://www.cherokeeheritage.org/  The Heritage Center, Ancient
Village and Trail of Tears Drama at Tsa La Gi Amphitheater are free to
(card carring) members of the Cherokee Tribe (East, West and Ketoowah) on
the first Saturday of the month.  The drama runs through Labor Day Weekend,
but that is Cherokee National Holiday and things will be crowded.  We will
be going on Aug the 3rd.

The Heritage Center is in Park Hill, to the south of Tahlequah and between
it and the Cherokee National Headquarters.  Members with membership card
get in free and they may bring one guest with them.  We will be taking the
girls' friends from Tahlequah who also homeschool.

The Trail of Tears starts at 8:10 and is in a lovely natural natural
ampatheater that seats 1800.  The box office opens at 7.  This is a new
play and I have heard great things about it, info available at

The Museum is open from 10-5 with tours of the ancient village starting
every half hour.

In addition to these activities, just down the road from the center in Park
Hill, is the Murrell Home.  It is the only house in the area to have
survived the Civil War, do to family ties to both North and South.  My
mother is a docent there on the weekends and would be tickled that any who
know me mention the fact when she shows them through the house.  Next to
the house is a park that is pleasent for a picnic lunch and to let the kids
run around.  A creek runs through it, be careful if the kids play in it as
the rocks are slick (this is the first place Kit turned her foot).  It also
contains Nature Trails.

For information on other Cherokee Historic buildings in Tahlequah, check
out http://www.tahlequahok.com/chamber/attractions.htm .  The chamber has a
broschure for a self guided tour, they are not open on Sturdays but contact
me if you want one and I will try to get them for you.

Hope some of the other members of the tribe are able to take advantage of
this opportunity,


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