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Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Jul 30 20:47:33 PDT 2002

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As this has infomation about the demo, I am just sending my report that was
in the Saga this month to get all of the information out.  For those who
don't get the Saga, I encourage you to subscribe so you can keep up with
everything going on in the Barony,

I hope that all of you are able to participate in the demo on September 14th,


Greetings Populace,

I can't believe it, it has been a year since I took office. It has been
great, thank you all so much. I would expecially like to thank those who
have come out and help with demos, you all are great. Working with the
demos was the only part of the office that made me nervous before taking it
on and I thank you all who have helped so much, expecially my deputy here,
Lady Catin.

Thank you is to those who have donated, made,repaired and repaired the garb
in our loaner garb collection. We have had many new people utilize this and
it is wonderful. We still have some needs and hope you can help. The
greatest need is for childrens and extra large adult garmets; if someone
could make tabards for these two sizes it would be the most flexable
solution to our need (fabric is available to use and don't worry about not
being a 'good seamstress', practice makes better and these are utilitarian
and something is better than nothing by a long shot). Another big thank you
goes out to Meryn, our Gold Key, you have been wonderful at meeting the
garb needs of newcomers and managing the collection.

I would love to thank the populace for is the warm way you have been
bringing new people into the group and helping them to feel a part of
group. Several of our newer members have jumped right in there and are
taking a very active roll in helping to make us the Greatest Barony in the
Known World; they are taking on officer positons and attending kingdom wide
Symposiums and Colleges. Vivat! These people have noted how they were
welcomed and drawn into our group, thank you all for that and expecially to
Galiwyn for the special hospitality you offer at events and all the many
things you are at to welcome people.

This would not be complete without thanking all of those who have chipped
in and helped me do the duties of my office, expecially those things that
are personal challenges to me. Sionade and Zenobia, you all have been an
incredible resource and sounding board as I have worked through many
challenges. Crimthon and Zahavah, I appreciate all of your efforts in
writing and making available a broschure for the Barony's use. Last, but
not least as she is the reason I am here, is Kitty who is now my 'official'
deputy in charge of being my portable memory. She keeps me reminded of my
duties and is my ready resource to the myriad of questions I recieve.

In conclusion, this has been a great year. We went through a great deal of
challenge and we are now at the beginning of the next stage of our history
as a group. This month welcomed in Lady Marta Dormani to the Seneschalate
and we wish her a wonderful two year term. We thank Laird Ian and welcome
him back amung the ranks, thank you so much for your time, compassion and
service. Our being so strong, after all we went through in your term (only
defining time as opposed to the issues being related to you), is a great
accomplishment for you, thank you for giving. As we go into this next year
we will grow stronger and contiue to reinvent who we are in Northkeep, as
each new person brings with them special gifts that make us more.

Looking toward the future, our one large public demo is coming up soon. It
will be on September the 14th and we are advertizing it as Middle Ages in
Woodward Park. This will make it understandable to the public as to what we
are doing, as the names of our tournaments are likely to confuse. The day
will be set up as a small taste of all that we do in the SCA. Including
both the Ensign and Dionader Tournys and a Youth Rapier Tourny. It will
also include one other tourny designed primarily for entertainment, to get
the crowd involved in it and cheering for their favored fighter. I would
also like to see some swashbuckeling, pirates or a bar room brawl would be
so much fun. I have several ideas for this and would like to work with
those interested to come up with exactly what we are doing, please contact
me at Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net or 605-6174 if you are interested in
working on this. I will set up a temporary Yahoo group for this purpose.
The day will have Bardic and Dance sprinkled throughout and be procided
over by our Baron and Baroness on their throwns, to be concluded with
Court. Bards and other preformers also contact me so I can have all the
different things that can be preformed on request on cards, to fit the
performances to the schedule and mood needs of the day.

This is a great opportunity to invite all your friends, family and
coworkers out to see what it is you do with your time. Bring out anything
you wish to add flavor to the day; period pavillions, banners and
projects-both completed to display and in process to demonstrate. As it is
a full day of activity, be sure to bring comfortable seating, picnics and
sun supplies.

In service to the Dream,
Susan the Curious

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