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Alright then I can finally catch this hint :)  Here are the directions to Otar and Dirgelion's house.
Take Highway 51/64 toward Sand Springs.  Get off on the 49th Street SW exit.  Turn right.  Go to the end of the road and turn right again.  You will go down about 3/4 of a mile and you will pass a church on the left hand side of the road.  They are the house directly next to the church.
If you need more than that just email me and I will try to get a map for you.
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> I am hoping HE Ainar will post the directions as I know how to get there but
> don't know it well enough to post legible directions. (HINT HINT)
> Okay The first archery Practice will be Next Thursday July 18th from 6:30ish
> to whenever we get tired or we can't safely shoot due to lack of light. We
> will be having practices on Sunday's as well as long as we have the
> participation. The Sunday practices will be at the same time unless we
> decide that a morning practice would be better. So if you are interested in
> shooting come on out.....no bow....no arrows....we will get you shooting
> anyway! Hope to see many of you out there.
> Also Ottokar is going to be holding Thrown weapons practices at the same
> location not sure of his times hpefully they can coincide with our practices
> so that we can cross over.
> Diethelm Waltorfer
> Archery Marshal Northkeep
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> Could you post directions to Archery practice one more time? (I'm covering
> me butt....in case you already put them up, lol) The whole family wants to
> shoot sharp pointy objects....but Alex will have to wait until she is at
> least as tall as the bow, ROFL!
> Amanda Blackwolf
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