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Well, I can give directions.......  Take Hwy 64 West towards Sand Springs.
Take the 49th Street exit and turn right.  Go up to the stop sign and turn
right onto W. Edison St.  There will be 2 churches on your left.  Otar and
Dirgelion's house is the first house on the left after the churches.  It may
be better to park in the 2nd church parking lot.  That is what Dirgelion has
recommended in the past.

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I am hoping HE Ainar will post the directions as I know how to get there but
don't know it well enough to post legible directions. (HINT HINT)

Okay The first archery Practice will be Next Thursday July 18th from 6:30ish
to whenever we get tired or we can't safely shoot due to lack of light. We
will be having practices on Sunday's as well as long as we have the
participation. The Sunday practices will be at the same time unless we
decide that a morning practice would be better. So if you are interested in
shooting come on out.....no bow....no arrows....we will get you shooting
anyway! Hope to see many of you out there.

Also Ottokar is going to be holding Thrown weapons practices at the same
location not sure of his times hpefully they can coincide with our practices
so that we can cross over.

Diethelm Waltorfer
Archery Marshal Northkeep

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Could you post directions to Archery practice one more time? (I'm covering
me butt....in case you already put them up, lol) The whole family wants to
shoot sharp pointy objects....but Alex will have to wait until she is at
least as tall as the bow, ROFL!

Amanda Blackwolf

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