[Northkeep] List administrator

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 15 10:21:10 PDT 2002

(BTW, you should get THIS message twice)

>From: OttokarLuther at aol.com
>i hvent gotten any list email for several days is it just me or is >the
>list slow i mean no posting and such
>thanks Ottokar

Since you can post to the list, you are still subscribed.  Your subscription
information looks good, the list hasn't been totally dead, although it does
seem to have been a bit slow.  It may be your AOL account - although
nothing's bouncing from your account (unlike SOME people)

My suggestion is to go, sacrifice a chicken (plain or extra crispy should be
fine) under the full moon or whatever, and be patient.  If you haven't seen
both copies of this list by Wednesday, get ahold of AOL and ask them why
they are blocking your list mail.


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