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Mon Jul 15 11:09:52 PDT 2002

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Hey Ottokar - I got some good chicken recipes, and you could always convert
them to other varmits if you like.. you know that they all taste like chicken!
Just a thought
Lady Susannah Blackthorne
> (BTW, you should get THIS message twice)
> >From: OttokarLuther at aol.com
> >i hvent gotten any list email for several days is it just me or is >the
> >list slow i mean no posting and such
> >thanks Ottokar
> Since you can post to the list, you are still subscribed.  Your subscription
> information looks good, the list hasn't been totally dead, although it does
> seem to have been a bit slow.  It may be your AOL account - although
> nothing's bouncing from your account (unlike SOME people)
> My suggestion is to go, sacrifice a chicken (plain or extra crispy should be
> fine) under the full moon or whatever, and be patient.  If you haven't seen
> both copies of this list by Wednesday, get ahold of AOL and ask them why
> they are blocking your list mail.
> Marc/Diarmaid
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