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Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sat Jul 20 16:44:56 PDT 2002

This is going to be so much fun, I have heard several people discussing
menu items they are hoping to bring.  Zahavah is digging out Crimthon's
Turkish cookbook, for those who don't know he was born in Thiland and spent
a good deal of his youth in Saudi Arabia (Britian in boarding schools too,
that is what we have to thank for his delightful 'English' in our broshure
that he wrote-Thanks again John).  I am going to find wonderful Oklahoma
tomatoes and make tons of tabuli.  Catan ingen Cairthinn is going to bring
Humus and all the trimmings.  My mouth is watering just thinking about
it.  Those needing suggestions, I have heard the desserts at the bakery
just off the crosstown (I-244) around Harvard (not sure, one of the main
roads in that area) are to die for and if you want something simple, a
couple bags of pita bread, plates and all, ice or drinks would all find a
place and be usable afterwards if there is a surpluss.

As for clothing, those of us without Middle Eastern personsas can probably
pull a simple t-tunic and big loose pants and/or a long skirt on and it
will look much like a beledi dress.  Please bring any drums, other
instruments, cushions, oriential rugs and/or wall hangings that you want to
add to the ambiance.

Ok, I am thinking as opposed to Susan the Curious, Susan the Overly
Enthusiastic might have been a better warning for this people.  I hope to
see many of you there and Thanks again to Zenobia, Ismet and Littlefox for
your efforts to bring this together.

your friendly neighborhood hospitaller

>A Summer Afternoon in the Seraglio*
>A Middle Eastern Frolic
>Featuring Music, Dance, Food, Frivolity, and Mehndi ~
>After hearing Lady Ismet's ideas for a Middle Eastern day in Northkeep,
>Lady Susan the Curious arranged for Lady Ciaran Littlefox (the late
>Blackfox's former apprentice) to come to Northkeep to practice the exotic
>art of Mehndi (henna tattoos) on our fair populace (see Ciaran's email and
>tips below).  To provide an appropriate setting for her endeavours, plan
>to bring exotic rugs and cushions (if you have them), a covered dish to
>share (at least vaguely Middle Eastern, if possible - we can give you a
>list of Middle Eastern delis in Tulsa), beverages (alcohol is allowed),
>and pool things (if you wish to swim).  If you'd like to prepare food
>on-site, there is a fully-equipped kitchen (but no kitchen slave).
>Bring your drum, or other instrument.  There will be dancers.
>   a.. When:  Saturday, July 27, 3:00 pm until ????
>   b.. Where:  Oakbrook Village Clubhouse, 1140 S. 111th E. Ave.,
> Tulsa.  Coming East on 11th, the entrance to Oakbrook Village
> Condominiums will be the last street on the right before you get to
> Garnett.  After turning right on this street (111th E. Ave.), go to the
> second street on the right (I think it's 12th).  Turn right, and the
> office/clubhouse and swimming pool will be on your right.  Call 852-5594
> if you get lost.
>For more info:  Lady Ismet - BurgBorrendohl at earthlink.net
>  Lady Susan the Curious - catmafia at swbell.net
>  Zenobia Mira Vallis - VivatTheDream at cox.net
>*s-rly - Sultan's Palace
>    Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 11:32:57 -0500
>   From: "Lady Littlefox" <jinx at cowboy.net>
>   Subject: Mehndi Party?
>   Hey all, I'm sorta here, those who don't remember me, I'm Alrich's little
>   sis of sorts, Ciaran Littlefox (Regina), the late Blackfox's apprentice and
>   random loon that unfortunately is stuck out in Cushing.
>   Just a wild bit of curiosity I thought I'd turn out there but I just came
>   back from a convention and I have a large amount of Mehndi paste that will
>   likely just go to waste before my next merchant engagement at Conastoga.
>   Would anyone be interested in being a model for some Indian Henna
> Designs (or
>   other sorts of henna designs) for free? Okay, not completely for free, you
>   have to sit still and let me take pictures of whatever I paint but hey,
>   that's close to free ;) I'm expanding my gallery.
>   I think that I can make it to the next meeting if Blaidd doesn't mind
>   playing herd the small wolf-fox child ;) Or if someone wants to host a
>   henna party (also known as an excuse for all the matrons and girls of the
>   shire to get together and tell tales about the men folk) I'd be available.
>   Seems a shame to let this stuff go to waste.
>   It's incredibly period for any persona that would have contact with
> anything
>   from China to lower Egypt and some of Africa....and anything in
> between. and
>   I can even give you some of the history if you would like, though I'd need
>   to remember my books since I don't have all of it committed to memory..
>   Let me know if anyone is game. It's not permanent, it's all natural,
>   consisting of my own blend of Tea Tree Oil, Ravensara Oil, Cajeput Oil,
>   Lemon, Cloves, Safflower, Turmeric, Madder Root, Sugar, Black Walnut Hulls,
>   English Breakfast Tea and of course Henna ;) Doesn't penetrate the skin so
>   the most it will ever do is give a rash if you are allergic or sensitive to
>   any of the above. All it does is dyes the top layers of dead skin that
>   protect the under layers. Lasts for anywhere between 3 days and 3 weeks
>   depending on how well you take care of it and where you have me put it....
>   high callous low sweating areas last the longest, so on the palms of your
>   hands will last for weeks, on your forehead, back, thighs and such it may
>   only last a few days. Also depends on the pH balance of your skin ;)
>   ESPECIALLY looking for anyone with darker skin who would like to try it!!
>   Just give me a ping and let me know ;)
>   Cia
>   Oh, one quick question for you all, what sort of designs will I be doing so
>   I'll be sure to have some examples on hand for you?  Persian? Arabic?
>   Islamic? North African? Indian? Generic Middle Eastern? Asian? Celtic or
>   Tribal (not period but some people really like them)? Have lots of just
>   about everything including Egyptian, and various different current Arabic
>   bridal/hand & feet designs that are incredibly intricate and lacy or very
>   bold and flowery.   Just give me an idea incase I only have a couple of
>   something so that I can get some designs researched.
>   TIPS
>    Lets see, definitely avoiding moisturizers, sunscreen and so forth
> prior to the henna on the area you want to get doodled on ;) And it's
> always good to give it a good scrubbing so that the henna can get a nice
> deep stain.  It stains the dead skin cells on the top most layers, so if
> you get rid of the ones that are ready to come off, that leaves a nice
> clean pallet to work with.   Shaving just prior to it is preferred by
> some artists but I work with tiny metal tips that can move the hair out
> of the way as I work so for me, it doesn't really matter unless you're
> wanting really really tiny designs... then you'll probably want to shave
> around the area being dyed.
>   Mothers being Hennaed with children around are often very difficult if
> other mothers aren't running herd because kids just love to make
> themselves a nuisance when they know they're not the full center of mom's
> attention..... and fidgety moms who have to get up and chase down kids
> mid-hennaing smear and generally are more stressed than relaxed.....
> maybe a way to keep the kid's interest strong enough that they don't even
> notice mom's gone?  Also a big hit, something that Dad and Kid can do
> together so the dad's don't get bored if they're being drug along as
> opposed to coming willingly....just warn the parents and let them decide
> on their own if they want to risk the stress or come on down and have the
> totally stress free day of utter pampering which is a Mehndi party ;)
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