[Northkeep] Fabric Swap Recap

FalanMacF at aol.com FalanMacF at aol.com
Mon May 6 05:45:45 PDT 2002

I want to thank Mistress Talana for teaching a very interesting & informative
class on fabric identifing.  I know myself & the others there got something
out of it.

I also want to thank Talana, Diarmait, Kitty, Susan, Cevanne, Bethany, Serena
& Istan for making it the the Swap. And making it so I couldnt leave empty
handed. =)

But, I dont quiet know how to say this nicely.   As A&S minister, I have been
trying to schedule what has been requested.  But you know it is really
embarassing to schedule something like this that showed so much interest on
line & no one but the above showed up. Especially after so much effort was
made to have it on a weekend so more people could come.  I am hoping Mistriss
Talana didnt feel it was a waste a time, but  it makes me much more leary to
schedule another class when I cant even depend on attendance on things that
many showed interest in.


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