[Northkeep] Just a bit of trivia

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Mon May 6 10:13:21 PDT 2002

Just as a bit of amusement:  117 people have held offices (or been deputies)
in this group in the past 20 something years.  71 have been seen within the
last year at SCA events (not counting Alanna)

Of those:
3 were known to have been officers elsewhere before they became officers
2 were known to have been officers elsewhere afterwards.
4 of them are dead (that's 4/6th of the dead folks were officers at one
The person with the largest number of offices so far is Robert at 6 (if you
count his work on the hospitaller task force as being a deputy - if not he
ties at 5 offices with Rowan and Sigen).
The person with the most time spent as an officer is Selwyn, with 20 years
(although some of those sentences were served concurrently).  After him we
	William with 15+ years (that archery marshalate wasn't clearly defined in
the beginning)
	Catrin and Merrick at 14 years
	Kiegan at 13 years
	Alanna and Rowan at 12 years
	Sigen at 11 years
	Roselyne at 11 years
	Robert, Thomas, and Raphael at 10 years each.
	Marc, Thorgrim and Alton at 9 years each
	Agnes de St. Michel at 8
	Elisabetta at 7
	Omar at 6
	Thorvald, Brigid, Isabela and Talana at 5 years each

The rest falling into far shorter terms.

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