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Wed May 8 18:13:02 PDT 2002

I think a major cause of early-onset dementia has just been uncovered.  Get in touch
with those medical journals!  Medical science needs to know this!

Catrin (my god, 14 years? That explains a lot)

Marc Carlson wrote:

> Just as a bit of amusement:  117 people have held offices (or been deputies)
> in this group in the past 20 something years.  71 have been seen within the
> last year at SCA events (not counting Alanna)
> Of those:
> 3 were known to have been officers elsewhere before they became officers
> here.
> 2 were known to have been officers elsewhere afterwards.
> 4 of them are dead (that's 4/6th of the dead folks were officers at one
> time).
> The person with the largest number of offices so far is Robert at 6 (if you
> count his work on the hospitaller task force as being a deputy - if not he
> ties at 5 offices with Rowan and Sigen).
> The person with the most time spent as an officer is Selwyn, with 20 years
> (although some of those sentences were served concurrently).  After him we
> have
>         William with 15+ years (that archery marshalate wasn't clearly defined in
> the beginning)
>         Catrin and Merrick at 14 years
>         Kiegan at 13 years
>         Alanna and Rowan at 12 years
>         Sigen at 11 years
>         Roselyne at 11 years
>         Robert, Thomas, and Raphael at 10 years each.
>         Marc, Thorgrim and Alton at 9 years each
>         Agnes de St. Michel at 8
>         Elisabetta at 7
>         Omar at 6
>         Thorvald, Brigid, Isabela and Talana at 5 years each
> The rest falling into far shorter terms.
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