[Northkeep] a kinder gentler sca

Alton lePeto altonscompany at hotmail.com
Fri May 24 10:49:50 PDT 2002

Sorry to interrupt our Oprah moment on the list;

There will not be a fighter practice this Saturday.  Please enjoy a safe,
fun Memorial Day.

Now my two emotional cents:

Your SCA membership card does not guarantee you instant friends.  Just like
everywhere else, here you have to earn them.  That means that occasionally
you will get your toes and wittle feelers stepped on.  Suck it up.  So what
your shy, I'd hazard a guess that well over 75% of the SCA membership would
describe it self that way.  Try being a newbie fighter where your dealing
with "snubbing" and getting hit with sticks.

The greatest freedom we have in the SCA organization is the freedom to
associate.  If you don't like the status quo, create your own houshold,
guild, whatever.  Find people that are interested in what you do and start
some activity.  If your successful, in no time at all others will be
complaining about your snubbing of them.  And so it goes.

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