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Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri May 24 11:48:00 PDT 2002

I have been reading and thinking and thinking some more.  I do not have a
natual eloquence in the written language, so excuse me for any unintended

This whole situation is one that has caused me a great deal of
thought.  One of the key factors as many have brought up is that many in
our organization are at heart shy or timid people and have found people
they are comfortable with and tend to stay with those they feel comfortable
with.  I will start by stating that the understanding of timidness is one
of the biggest challenges in my life for me to understand, as those of you
who have met my daughters will know all too well.  I have one who will
probably talk to over 50% of the people at Steppes this weekend and the
other was afraid to ask a good friend a question at fighter practice the
other night because there were another 5 people who were in the group.

Here is the funny thing, we joined this group because of the oldest ones
interests. My youngest has lots of things in the SCA that she really isn't
in to and sits out.  But she is the one who has fiercely defended it and
has stated it as a major aspect of her feeling reaspected and valued by
others and as a group of friends that she feels accepted by.  Things such
as her long chess match Moonshaddowe Guardian and her winning the quest
last year at Castellan are such leaps of faith and growth for her that it
is incredible.

The reason why I applied to be hospitaller is because for all of my
failings and weaknesses in life, I do tend to have a gift with being able
to set people to ease and to help them find people where they share
interests and are comfortable.  From the many comments shared so far, I
think I have been able to do that.  The thing is I need people to be
receptive and welcoming of the new ones coming in and looking for a place
to fit.  I am not a member of any set group of people but am on talking
terms with people from all over the group and region.  I hope to be
approachable and given the time and information should be able to help
anyone looking for a place within our organization to find a place they
feel comfortable and also hope to be able to help people expand their
number of associations.

(insert here I have hours upon hours of thoughts running through my head
here from my almost 3 years playing here and I vow to keep this from
becoming a book.  Also, the line between helping people find what they are
looking for and pushing them outside of their comfort zone is a fine one
and one I really try not to cross.)

My vow for at Castellan if you are wanting to meet other people or find a
place where you might find commonality, come and join me, be it sitting
under my pavillion or out roaming.  I will wear my annoyingly bright green
tunic so I am easy to point out and find.  Keep an open mind about other
people.  Join in small groups that are of interest to you-even if and
expecially if none of your usual friends will be there- as it will give you
an opportunity to meet others you may share something in common with.

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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