[Northkeep] A few thoughts on class attendance...

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Fri May 24 14:22:17 PDT 2002

I subscribed to this list long ago because so many of the people of
Northkeep are dear to me, and it helps me to know and sometimes
understand you better...I confess I don't have faces to go with many of
the names, and then some of you I can almost see and hear as I read your
written words...
Over the years, I have taught many classes...some to underwhelming
attendance, some I didn't have enough handouts for...sigh...It has come
to be a true belief of mine that working with even one individual on a
topic or skill is worth it, it can change their life, your life, maybe
even beyond the kingdom and for years to come...
Caitlin ni Seanain, gone some years to her just rewards, taught weaving
to many people, one at a time, and her students taught others, and the
skill is a living one and is still shared...
I somehow managed to teach myself with books and trial and error to do
calligraphy and illumination, and then helped contaminate many others
with it,:-), who shared it on down the line...
If my own grandmum hadn't sat with me for a few minuets and showed me
the stem and chain stitches in early adolescence, I wouldn't have had
this to share...
Or if the long burned out Zoren Uff Eiren hadn't taught me heraldry by
accident  by rote while I drew countless sets of arms for him, which got
me doing original scrolls because I didn't know any better...
OK, you have one student show...give them all they'll take...No
students? Make quality time with your host, even off topic you may both
benefit from each others attentions...If several classes are going on
and yours isn't happening, go to one of those and expand your
horizons...Lemonade can be a good thing, please don't despair!
Some crafts are not portable, you have to go to wherever the tools, the
library, and the teacher, are located... Some can go with you and snare
who knows who's interest...
I love it when someone shows up with a craft or a new book at an event
or meeting, and the many lovely made things that never see a competition
or display, and documentation that is transferred sometimes as spoken
We're a shy and curious people.. and given an opportunity curious can
often win out, :-)...
OK, Back in my box...where'd I put that lid...With love, 'Stacia

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