[Northkeep] Revels, meetings, classes and such

Donna Hufford dhufford at earthlink.net
Fri May 24 18:39:26 PDT 2002

Greetings All

There has been some talk about increasing the numbers of get-togethers,
meetings, classes and etc.  And I just saw Susan's post about taking a look
at what we have and where to go from there.  I checked the Baronial Calendar
for May and came up with a total of 20 opportunities here in Northkeep for
people to get together in a variety of different venues:

Populace and afterwards-1
Officer's Meeting-1
Fighter Practice-I counted 9 but I know this Saturday and possibly one other
  were cancelled so lets say 7
Puck's Rapier Practice-3
Middle Eastern Drumming and Dance-2
Shoe Class-3
European Dance-1
Fabric Swap-1

Looking over some of the other recent post I believe what we may have is not
a lack of ways to get together but a compartmentalization problem. Even if
you think you cannot participate in a particular activity, guild etc.
because you don't do whatever it is they do there is almost always a chance
to meet people, visit and find out what is going on with others in the
With apologies ahead of time to all those who organize or run these various
activities for any blantanly wrong statements I make, I would like to point
out the following:

You do not have to be a fighter to attend fighter practice. There are
usually other non-martial types there and it is always interesting.

You do not have to do needlework or even be interested in sewing to attend
Needleworkers.  I have seen weaving, metalworking, leatherworking cook book
exchanges, and scribal arts happening.  You can even go just to meet people.

The Middle Eastern Drumming folks have been very open about their desire for
any and all to come on out to the park and join in or just hang out and be

You do not have to know how to dance to attend European Dance Guild, though
they will probably recruit you to be somebody's partner. This Guild has been
a little sporadic but they are meeting this coming Tuesday, the 28th at
Kendall-Whittier Library.

So, it would seem the opportunities are there and maybe we need to get past
the "I don't do....., I'm not interested in...." thinking and just show up
to something different a few times.


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