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Jerry & Teresa Herring herring at upperspace.net
Sat May 25 08:00:15 PDT 2002

Hi Everybody,

Maybe you remember me? I am the or at least have been the seneschal for the
last year and a half. I remember each of you...in fact I remember saying to
each of you that if you need anything to please let me know. So people out
there having issues or troubles with in the Barony WHY HAVEN"T YOU CONTACTED

I am sorry if some how I have made you feel that you could not contact me. I
have always been here for you. I am pretty sure that I have made myself more
than approachable. Especially since I seek out each new person and
personally welcome them the first time I see them. If you feel you are being
excluded or not included in things involved in Northkeep then please let
someone know. Give the Seneschal a chance, call them ...send them an email.
Your problem is part of their job.

I can understand your position but I can not understand why you feel that
way? I have been in Northkeep for 15 years and I have been an outsider in
more ways than one. I may seem like a very gregarious fellow now a days but
initially I was terminally shy.  When I started heck I come from a part of
the country where there are only about 400 to 600 people in a whole town,
less than 15,000 in the whole county so imagine how out of place I felt in
Tulsa. I did the advantage that I had a family member who was a part of
Northkeep and they would help drag me along and introduce me to people, but
after that It had to make myself go to things I had to make myself say hi to
people, and after about a month of showing up saying hi and hanging out I
started to fit in, people started saying hi back and some people actually
sought me out to talk to me. Anything you get involved in is that
way...people don't seek you out you have to seek them out. Only religious
groups and charities seek you out.

The trick to this game like any other is not to get discouraged and not to
give up. Make yourself get involved. It doesn't take money to show up at a
fighter practice and you don't have to be a fighter, it doesn't cost
anything to show up at a needle workers and you don't have to be working on
any type of project to be there, and the best part to all of this is you can
bring your kids along. People with Children should not feel that because
they have kids that they can not be included. The more you show up, the more
you get involved the more you will be welcome, if you are the friendship
will be there. People will talk to you. They will start small and your bond
with the people of this group will grow and grow. Try it you will see.

Now the key to this situation like the last one is that this seems worse
than it really is. Northkeep really is a very welcoming place (trust me I
have played in other places and this one is by far a nice place), There
really is a lot to do if you will come out and do it. These last few issues
should serve as a reminder that we do not all think the same way. New people
and old alike need to make an effort to talk to each other (not that we
don't) but I think we should do it more. People seem to accentuate the
negative in these situations.Lets try to make this more positive.

I am going to name some names here but don't take this wrong I really am
sorry you people don't feel welcome. Anyone else feel left out or unthanked?
I am honest and sincere in my thanks and my invitations.

Sioned I remember seeing you and your family at your first revel after
Dionadair, and again at the next one, and other after that. I remember
seeing you at a few populace meetings and I remember talking to you all of
those.If it needs to be said again I enjoy you binging your family out and I
enjoy seeing you have a good time together.

Zenobia has been thanked by me and their excellencies. If it needs to be
said again THANK YOU! You do a lot for this group and it is very

I also remember the couple from Namron, I am sorry they felt left. I hope
that they are happy what ever they decide to do.

Here is my invitation to anyone out there who feels left out, if you are
having trouble meeting people call me I will hook you up with folks who will
more than gladly introduce you around. IF you have issues with people and
need to talk I will gladly help. I admit I am not the end all be all for
knowledge and wisdom but I have been around for a while and I am a nice guy
if I do have to say so myself. I have two good ears, I will listen to you
and help you how ever I can even when I am no longer Seneschal. If you
really want to quit the SCA I wont stop you but if you don't give up on me
and I won't give up on you.

Now to help rectify this feeling of separatism I will offer my home in Pryor
as a place of gathering Friday evening around 6PM June 7th for anyone who
can get here (If you can't get here on your own get a ride). Regardless of
your affiliations or your associations come out and enjoy a night of movies
and conversation person to person with me and my Lady Wife. I plan on
renting some not so medieval movies (A Knights Tale, Black Knight) That is
about 4 hours of entertainment, we might grill some burgers and hot dogs, we
might just have popcorn and snacks and I will open my home an my yard to ALL
of you. We can talk about this or what ever you feel like. Email me if you
plan on coming out so I can give you details and directions.

In the name of service, honor, and the dream I remain,

Laird Ian Dun Gillan
Seneschal Barony of Northkeep

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