[Northkeep] Newcomers\Bowingout\Solutions\etc...

The Suarez Family family at suarez-turner.com
Sat May 25 12:26:48 PDT 2002

> Hi Everybody,
> Maybe you remember me? I am the or at least have been the
> seneschal for the last year and a half. I remember each of
> you...in fact I remember saying to each of you that if you
> need anything to please let me know. So people out there
> having issues or troubles with in the Barony WHY HAVEN"T YOU

 My apologies, Laird Ian. I didn't realize that I could or should come
to you, or I certainly would have. I was completely unaware that helping
out people who are struggling to find their place (and possibly have had
some bad experiences) were a part of your responsibilities. In truth, I
have no idea what all a Seneschal does.
 I am aware that because someone was unkind to me and because the next
thing I tried to get involved with was difficult that set a precedent
for me, and gave me a negative view of other things that I might have
dismissed otherwise. I am sorry that happened. I feel very defensive
that I finally chose to speak out and am concerned that those feelings
are coloring my responses. So I am thinking a lot about what I say or do
not say and hope that I do not offend anyone. Nonetheless, thank you for
telling me (and us all) that I can come to you. Although from the many
kind posts I received, both private and public, I know now that I have
many people I can go to when I feel like I don't fit in here. I thank
everyone for showing me that one (or even more than one) bad apple does
not spoil the whole barrel.

 I am hoping and praying that we can all get the misunderstandings and
miscommunications worked through as quickly as possible and come away
from this with a better understanding of our differences and a plan of
positive action for our future.

Thank you, Laird Ian, for your time and for your response,


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