[Northkeep] We got ourselves a TAVERN!!

Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Sun May 26 22:11:09 PDT 2002

That's right, come to Castellan, bring your purses and your appetites! House
Daystar is puttin' on a tavern, and puttin' on the Ritz! We'll have breakfast
and lunch, as well as snacks. We'll be making omelettes to order with just
about anything you could want (well, no Japanese blowfish, or French imported
truffles, but plenty of stuff). Just a sample: breakfast platter special is
an omelette made to your order, potatoes or fresh fruit, and your choice of
bread or muffin, $3.00- such a deal! And for the lite appetite, smaller items
as well.
And for lunch, TA-DA! Turducken! Yes, turkey, (yeah we know it's not PERIOD -
choke on it), duck, and hen, one within the other, and delicious spicy
stuffing in between the layers, your choice of side dish (pasta salad or
tabouli) and dessert for the unbelievable bargain of $3.50!
We'll have drinks and snack-y stuff to ward off hunger before our marvelous
evening feast, and for the kids...people, get ready to gag...we have...not
the "Happy Meal," but the "Delightful Dinner"! So cute you could just scream!
Kids get a choice of sandwiches, veggies with dip and a dessert on a special
animal plate, AND including a drink in a very cute mug they can keep, for
All this, to make your day with us at Castellan more enjoyable - no need to
leave site to dine well. Join us for some socializing and good food...The
"Tavern On The Spleen" opens at 8:00 on Saturday Morn, haul out and line up!
We'll be at the end of the sidewalk, past the porta-confessionals, and before
you get to the pool.
Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces!

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