[Northkeep] re: Virus removal message

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Wed May 29 11:16:03 PDT 2002

>I hate to tell you this, but the file you attached is virus infected. >My
>norton screamed when I tried to open it. I thought it might be >when I saw
>the JPG attachment as well.

Yes, I am aware that the file that went through the list was.

The only way I know of to avoid this at this point is to moderate the list,
since otherwise I find out what's going through the system at the same time
you all do.

This particular virus is unusually unfestive in that it takes your address
book and not only sends out more virus messages, but it does so as though it
were coming from someone completely different.  For instance, the person
whose name was in the "from" line of that message didn't necessarily send
out the infected message.  It was the computer belonging to someone who had
that person in their address book.

(Amusingly, I have gotten infected messages myself from a number of people,
including several old email addresses of mine that haven't been in existance
for nearly 7 years or so.  In fact, the domain they were addressed from no
longer exists).

So, once again, if you get a message with an attachment - DON'T open it
unless you are SURE it was sent by the person who it was addressed fromm.
Call them on the phone to verify if you have to.  If you think it MIGHT be
infected, for goodness sake, _don't open it_.


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